The Lar Maria de Nazare Orphanage in Jozza’s birthplace of Hidrolandia, Brazil, was founded over 42 years ago when native woman and local heroine, Genides, decided to dedicate her life to helping her community. Genides opened a small orphanage caring for just a few children at first. Over the years, she has become an important, trusted and respected part of the community and now cares for 25-30 children, providing a safe and nurturing environment in which disadvantaged children can grow and learn.

The orphanage is a privately funded organization that relies on the kindness and generosity of donations. The orphanage itself is housed in a building Genides was able to construct with great difficulty using the help of local citizens. Jozza visited the city in 2010 and noticed the magnificent and crucial work being done by Genides. Concerned about her constant struggle to find the funds necessary to clothe and feed these children, Jozza immediately took initiative and started a program to regularly provide food for the children. Today, Jozza sponsors the orphanage’s food on a monthly basis. Donations are greatly appreciated and even the smallest of contributions will be put to good use to improve the quality of life and create opportunities for these children. To make a contribution or for more information, please contact us


Hidrolândia is located 36 km south of the state capital, Goiânia, on important interstate highway BR-153. A small city belonging to the Goiania Micro-region, its population is only 30,000. Hidrolândia was founded in 1895 when lands were donated to build a chapel dedicated to Santo Antônio. In 1896, it was elevated to a district with the name Santo Antônio das Grimpas belonging to Pouso Alto, which later became Piracanjuba. In 1930 it became a municipality with the name Hidrolândia, Land of Waters. With the construction of the new capital in Goiânia it became part of that city with the name “Grimpas”. In 1948 it became a municipality with its present name.




With all of the intolerance and suffering in the world today, as an artist, I feel like it is my responsibility to contribute a statement towards the effort of peace throughout the world.

During some family time at the beach with my kids, I came up with the idea to do these drawings. They represent the hope that, collectively, we can help stop the spread of violence and hate around the world and work towards peace. This is not the type of art I usually do, but it came from my heart.

These images are available for sale as embellished giclees for $80.00, unframed.

The proceeds of sales from these images will be donated to “Criança Esperança Foundation”, which helps underprivileged children in Brazil. To learn more about this foundation, created by TV Globo and Unesco, click here


Hearts and Sand


Gun and Sand


Project H.O.P.E.

Since 1958, Project H.O.P.E. has worked to make health care available for people around the globe. They are committed to long-term sustainable health care. Their work includes educating health professionals and community health workers, strengthening health facilities, fighting diseases such as TB, HIV/AIDS and diabetes and providing humanitarian assistance through donated medicines, medical supplies and volunteer medical help.

In 2007, Jozza participated in Project H.O.P.E, Community Expressions, a travelling art exhibit showing expressions of art through the eyes of those touched by hurricanes in Florida.


Together with Miami Dade County Public Schools, Jozza established an educational project where the artist takes his artwork to the classrooms, enabling students to participate directly in the painting process. This effort is an attempt to teach art in a fun and interactive way, foster and encourage passion for the arts in children from all backgrounds and search for new art talent.



Jozza generously donated an original painting to the Ann Storck Center, the proceeds of which went to supporting this very worthy cause.

The Ann Storck Center is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Ann Storck Center is a highly acclaimed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving the needs of children and adults in South Florida who present severe and multiple developmental disabilities including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism, and intellectual disabilities. The Center strives to discover and build upon the uniqueness and strengths of each person it serves in order to provide life-enriching experiences. The Ann Storck Center offers ResidentialPreschoolAdult Day Training, and an Expressive Arts program.

Those wishing to make a contribution in support of the Ann Storck Center can visit their website at www.annstorckcenter.org